About US:


Vision is a Mythic raiding guild on US-Thrall that was formed in April 2013 on US-Kel'Thuzad.

Our current raid times are

Monday - Thursday, 4PM - 8PM PST, 7PM - 11PM EST

We offer a stable leadership along with a positive raiding environment, free of drama and cliques. That being said, we all share the same hardcore outlook on raiding. Executing mechanics is our priority. After raid we go over logs and see what everyone can be doing better. All raiders and officers are open to constructive criticism. There is no coasting in this guild. We make sure everyone is maximizing dps, while still prioritizing mechanics. Loot is distributed through a fair loot council. Our goal is to kill bosses, not get sweet loot.

What We're Looking FOr:

We're looking for somebody that has a competitive personality. Someone that is willing to take on the difficult mechanics. And for those that are willing to be compared to the top players of their class. A player that strives to be the best that they can be, is diligent about reviewing logs both during, and after raids to find areas of improvement. An optimal applicant keeps up with the theorycrafting, research, and play testing on their class. We're looking for someone who's very passionate about raiding and expresses it by being on time and rarely missing days. Consistency is key as we do not like to run a large bench. Preferred candidates will have Top 50 US experience.

Recruitment Officer: Mongoboy#1861

Feel free to add me on BattleTag so we can hop in Discord and talk to see if we're a good fit, or you can submit an application using the button above.

If I'm not available, contact

Guild Leader: Evitrix#1598

Officer: ItAintMe#1848


For sales inquiries contact: Oblivion#12140



Below is a list of our currently available sales and prices. Raid sales take place Tuesday or Wednesday @ 4PM PST, 7PM EST. Any questions or to book a run contact ItAintMe#1848 on BattleTag.


Mythic Nighthold

10/10 Mythic Boss + Loot = 2 Million Gold

Gul'dan Only (No Mount) = 1 Million Gold

Gul'dan + Mount = 2 Million Gold

10/10 Mythic + Loot + Mount = 4 Million Gold

Individual Bosses = Add ItAintMe#1848 for pricing.



Mythic+2 (Your key) = 20 Thousand Gold

Mythic+10 (Our key or your key) = 150 Thousand Gold

Mythic+15 (Our key or your key) = 500 Thousand Gold


TOmb of Sargeras

Normal 9/9 Personal Loot = 250 Thousand Gold

Heroic 9/9 Personal Loot = 500 Thousand Gold

Heroic Kil'jaeden Only = 200 Thousand Gold

Mythic 9/9 Master Loot = Add ItAintMe#1848 for pricing.



Streams & Content



AutomaticJak - Jakbcastin (Holy Priest)

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